Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Few Days in Rural Russia

The Travelling Monkeys had an opportunity to experience the real rural Russia. They stayed in an old house with Babushka Olga, who had her own garden and honey bees. They tried fresh honey, ate pies baked in a Russian stone oven, drank fresh milk from the neighbour’s cow, berries from the garden and mushrooms from the nearby forest. The food was simple, but full of flavour. That you will not get in a supermarket nowadays.

The Travelling Monkeys went 200 km North of Vologda city to a village called Okulovskaya. The last 50 km of the road were not paved. It was dusty and full of holes and bumps. On the way there was a well. In that well the locals like to get their drinking water, as it is extraordinary clean and full of minerals. The Travelling Monkeys took a few bottles for Babushka Olga...

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