Monday, 10 August 2015

Cloakrooms in Moscow

Moscow Luggage Storage Facilities Are Backpacker Unfriendly

The Travelling Monkeys found out a peculiar fact about the luggage storage during their short stopover in Moscow. There is the most stupid rule concerning the luggage they accept for storage. All the backpackers are encouraged to write complaints to the management of the train stations in Moscow. What's the most stupid rule for a luggage storage?

First, let's define a cloakroom on a train station in Russia. It is not a cloakroom most of the foreigners are used to see. It is a huge room with shelves, where only the guardian has access. You hand your luggage to him, he places your luggage on a free shelf and gives you a ticket. To store one piece on luggage costs 170 Rubles. The price is not being counted by hours, but by days. Midnight is a starting point: if you get your luggage back after midnight the next day, you have to pay the fee for the new day. This is, however, not the most stupid rule which was mentioned before...