Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ekaterinburg: More Motley Than Expected

If you consider Siberian cities to be grey and boring you haven't been to Ekaterinburg yet. Ekaterinburg is a city with a colorful culture and an interesting mix of architecture. Follow the Travelling Monkeys on a sightseeing tour past an over-sized keyboard, a monument to 'The Beatles', and an unfinished TV tower.

After another 900 km from Kazan the Travelling Monkeys finally reached Asia.

Window on Asia
If you cross the Ural mountains from West to East, Ekaterinburg is the first city you can find on Asian soil. Only 40 kilometers away from the border to Europe, Ekaterinburg has been called 'The Window on Asia". With more than 1.3 million inhabitants itis the fourth biggest city in Russia. Like all cities in Siberia Ekaterinburg is relatively young. Founded in 1723 as a settlement for miners, the city became quickly a center for metallurgy and later also for the arms industry.