Friday, 14 August 2015

The Border Between Europe and Asia: Just an Imaginary Line

There are different concepts in the world on how many continents exist. Some of these concepts have a rather geographical or geological background, others go back to views that are based on politics. Whether we speak of Europe and Asia, or only of one super-continent depends highly on what we were taught in school. When the Travelling Monkeys visited Ekaterinburg they wanted to check out if they could really tell the border between Europe and Asia. What they found was nothing else than a big joke.

Where are the Mountains?
When Bimbino and Bambina were on the night train from Kazan to Ekaterinburg they got up early in the morning to see the Ural moutains, the natural border between Europe and Asia. After hours of waiting the monkeys arrived in Ekaterinburg. Surprisingly they had not seen any mountains on the way.
Something seemed to be wrong again. According to their guide book Ekaterinburg is located only some 40 kilometers East of the European-Asian border. That border is defined by the Ural mountains. How could it be that they had not even seen a single hill?