Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Last Preparations in Coca

We have been to Coca

BaƱos de Agua Santa => San Francisco de Orellana

Hitchhiking started very late that morning. In fact so late that the monkeys started worrying that they would not be able to make it until Coca that day. Reason for that was one promise they had made: the promise to clean Maria’s floors what took way longer than they have imagined.

The first part of the journey was quite easy, but once Bimbino and Bambina had reached Puyo, the provincial capital of Pastaza, the problems started. Standing at the South end of the city it was impossible to hitch a car going West. Waiting was no solution because of the low traffic. Walking however was a nightmare as the bypass road seemed to be endless. Pain in the feet and a sheer endless rain did not make the situation any better. Desperately looking forward to leave that place the monkeys were nearly about to board a coach when a truck driver stopped for them.

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