Thursday, 5 December 2013

Adventures in Guayaquil

Light Tower

Montañita => Guayaquil

The monkeys were standing at the road at the Southern end of Montand ñita holding their thumbs up. They were not worried at all as you always get a ride in Ecuador, especially if you are a cute little monkey. …and of cause they did. After only … minutes a truck driver stopped. Bimbino and Bambina had to jump on the back of the truck were they were sitting beside some huge barrels. Luckily none of them fell over and killed them. The ride along the coast was very pleasant with nice nice views over little fishing villages, beaches and the ocean and the wind blowing in their faces.

In Valdivia the ride was over but the next one was already encountered within minutes.

A friendly driver wanted to give them a lift until Santa Elena, the regional capital. Unfortunately his car broke down just before entering the city which resulted in an one hour walk through the incredibly not beautiful little town.

At the end Northern end of Santa Elena there was a service station, a perfect spot for cars to stop. Two business men were on their way to Guayaquil and were happy to give the monkeys a ride and listened to their traveling stories.

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