Friday, 24 April 2015

A Brief Guide to Couchsurfing Camps

Mainly in Europe, dedicated members of the hospitality networks have been organising events. These are not simple meet ups for one evening in a bar like those happening all over the world every day. No, what we are talking about here are multiple day events with a festival-like character. Some of these meetings take place in big cities, others are organized as real camps in the countryside. Sometimes the participants stay in the same place, other times they are hosted by local members of hospitality networks. The programmes usually feature cultural activities in the daytime and parties in the evenings. The difference from normal hospitality meetings is not only the multiple day character but also the target group. Couchsurfing Camps are not organised only for the local community and the few travellers in town; these events are meant to attract people from abroad.

...and so it happens. By now there are around 50 annual events throughout the year, so nearly every weekend members of the hospitality networks go travelling to get to the next big event. At every major event, you can always find a large number of well known faces. People get to know each other and many of them attend these events above all to meet each other again. As mentioned before, the frequent participants of Couchsurfing Camps have developed to become a community within a community. And with every new event this community grows bigger and gets stronger. Some people say it is the only place where you can find the spirit of the early days, which got lost when websites got sold to investors, but that is a different story...

We have just moved to our own homepage. There you can find the basic data about all City Gatherings and Outdoor Camps in a simple overview, along with a short description by the organizers.